Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cakes of the Week...and their inspiration

Tonya ordered her birthday cake from us last week. She didn't have a particular design in mind, only a few pictures that inspired her. She left the rest up to us (I love when clients do this!).

Here are the pics she sent...

And here is what we came up with...

I think she was happy :-)

This was a cake for a little boy named Kadeem who was turning one!

Cakes for the SALVATION ARMY
Our friend Shawn works for the Salvation Army and ordered these cakes for a big celebration last weekend for kids and parents. He gave us a few designs he came up with and we added our own touch to each ;-)

He was very happy too :-)
Aaaahhh...another week of satisfied customers and happy workers at Cara Linn.

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