Monday, August 18, 2008

Glory Girls

Here's a non-cake picture for a change.
This was in the East Village of Manhattan on a warm summer Sunday!

The four of us just all happened to wear black and white to church, so we had to capture the moment.

Johanna, Aaron, and Star are three of the most amazing women and precious friends that I adore! I am so grateful God brought them into my life and together, I know we are going to do great things!!!


For those of you who didn't see...
This was the masterpiece eaten by the crew of The Big Idea on CNBC.

I hope it at least tasted good. This cake was a lot of work, and even though everything didn't go as planned, the whole experience was fun and I definitely learned a lot!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cake Lingerie

Who really wears lingerie anyway (except on the hips perhaps)?

Eating it is much more fun.

This was for a bridal shower for my cousin Lauren, who is marrying Scott in September. Stay tuned for Mini Cake Favors I will be making for their wedding!