Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sweet Elisabeth

This week we are featuring our friend Elisabeth who comes to help us once a week. We're featuring her one, because her birthday is next week, two, she's leaving NYC this week for 3 months and we're gonna miss her like crazy, and three because she wrote this great journal entry you're about to read.
We love her, she is just amazing. Enjoy the blog and be sure and check back next week to see her birthday cake!!!

A Day at Sweet Land
by Elisabeth

Spending time at Sweet Land is always a treat for me. It is full of inspiration, joy, and sweetness to my spirit and taste buds!

Each time is an adventure when I show up and take part in helping Cara achieve her dreams and goals of running such an exciting and fun business.

Today I started out by reading over her study guide for her book, Faith, Cake, & Jesus. Her book and study guide have inspired me to start finding my own destiny and taking action of those dreams.

Cara then welcomed any of my own creative decorating ideas for the cake she was currently making. I helped her make coffee beans out of fondant, which was one of me and Dallas’ suggestions for decorating the cake. I enjoyed watching Cara through her cake decorating process. SOOOO much love and attention went into it. She spent half the day loving on this ONE cake. No wonder they are so anointed!

Cara Linn, Inc. is great at finding creative ways to be resourceful. For example, I cut holes in egg crate cartons for special ice cream cone desserts to protect them while being transported. Who came up with that creative idea?!

Next, Cara and Faith taught me how to dye fondant different colors. We used the fondant for making cake decorations. I rolled some into little balls and cut others into squares. I LOVE fondant! It makes cakes look so beautiful and I love the way it tastes.

Then, “Ready, Camera, Action!” as we all became a production team for Cara’s cake decorating DVD that she will be mailing around the country as part of her cake making tool kit. Cara is a natural on camera. God knew what He was doing when He created her to fulfill His Kingdom purposes. Look out world!

My nearly eight hours at Sweet Land today flew by so quickly and it never felt like work! Every moment was fun and inspirational with the company of incredible individuals who are also great friends of mine.

There is plenty to do at Sweet Land to fulfill Cara’s amazing vision that will one day capture the hearts of people around the world. It is a privilege to lend a hand and see it at its beginnings. I look forward to the day I will be reminiscing about the early days.


Dallas said...

I am sure going to miss Elisabeth!!

Pink Little Cake said...

A DVD? what a wonderful idea Cara. Please keep us posted. I love the cake and cupcake desing, you are so creative!

Momma D said...

What a beautiful writing! And, Elisabeth is just as beautiful! Sweetland is blessed to have her!!! Love the coffee bean cake! I mean really...where else do you see cakes like Cara's??? So unique! So beautiful! Definitely THE ANOINTING flowing out of everyone involved!